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CONNECT – watches with magnets for men and women

Late Friday evening. After your difficult working week and a busy day at work, you decide to join your friends at your favourite hot bar to party until late into the night. You all enjoy yourselves and the tension of the last few days leaves you entirely. You say goodbye to your friends as you leave the bar and head for the next bus stop on your way home. You realise when you get to the bus stop that your phone battery is empty and you don't know what time it is and whether you've missed the last bus or not...

Unisex watches for him and her

That would never have happened with a wristwatch. Besides the functionality that they offer, men's and women's watches are always a fashionable element that should always go with the respective outfit and add an individual touch to your own look. The collection in the CONNECT line offers absolute flexibility here: different matching straps are available in various designs to go with the watch element. You can choose between such materials as leather and fabric in the catalogue and webshop. You can quickly and easily switch the straps using the separately available pin slider. Which means that you purchase just one watch but have the flexible choice of different designs and materials. The unique design of our watch element with magnet means that the watch is great to wear for both men and women and again reveals itself to be a flexible item of jewellery for the entire family.

Feeling good and being on time with an ENERGETIX magnetic wristwatch

The CONNECT watches are made from robust stainless steel and are each fitted with two magnets that are 0.12 tesla / 1200 gauss strong. The replaceable watch straps do not contain magnets but come with a sturdy stainless steel buckle. Test the unisex magnetic watches from our shop today or – even better – talk to one of ENERGETIX's business partners / sales partners about the other products in ENERGETIX's collection of magnetic jewellery.